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S-U-M-M-E-R Tips from Positive Directions

Positive Directions would like to remind parents that summer vacation means many teens are looking forward to more free time and less responsibility. For precisely this reason, the summer months can present new challenges for parents.Here’s a list of simple things parents can say and do to help their kids stay alcohol and drug free. […]

Parent Program with Matt Bellace, Ph.D. Speaker & Comedian on May 17th

Parent Program for the Weston Community : Come to “Supporting Your Teen in Making Positive Choices” on May 17th at 7PM in the Weston Library Community Room. Dr. Bellace is author of A Better High: A Humorous Look at Getting High Naturally, Everyday. He has a Ph.D in clinical neuropsychology and over 15 years of speaking […]

The Power of Parents: Positive Directions Provides some Great Information

Did you know… Parents who had clear discussions with their children around the risks of underage drinking before the age of 10, had children who were less likely to initiate alcohol use early. Children who drink before the age of 15 are 4 times more likely to develop a lifelong dependency on alcohol. It is […]

Detective Carl Filsinger Answers Questions on Underage Drinking

Detective Carl Filsinger, Weston Police Department moderates Weston’s eWatch Yahoo Group: Q. Can parents legally buy a drink for their own under 18 child in a restaurant? Offer a glass of wine at home? And what about a child who is 18, but not 21 yet? A restaurant cannot serve anyone under the age of […]

10 Resolutions That Show Your Kids You Care

From the Partnership at Drugfree.org Teach your children to trust you by seeing you as a role model. Be patient, not just tolerant. Apologize when you make a mistake or do something you regret. Ask teens what they need from you – and do whatever you can to meet those needs. Listen to your teens, […]

New York Times: Drinking, Driving and Paying

Excellent essay on Drinking & Driving: Drinking, Driving and Paying By DAVID UPDIKE Published: December 3, 2010 The consequences and calculations of being over the legal limit. Here’s what can happen: You attend a small dinner party at your brothers house with your 80-year-old mother, your visiting 74-year-old second cousin from Holland and assorted other […]

In The News: Caffeine Alcohol Drinks Unsafe

We are sharing the latest news on caffeinated alcoholic beverages Click on this link for a recent article from CNN: CAFFEINE ALCOHOL DRINKS UNSAFE Please follow and like us:

Red Ribbon Week October 25-29, 2010

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Voluntary Action Center Awards ADAP Board Member & Youth Representatives

The Voluntary Action Center of Mid-Fairfield (VAC), a program of the Human Services Council, celebrated National Volunteer Week at its Annual Volunteer Recognition Reception on April 29th at Norfield Congregational Church in Weston.  Weston’s First Selectman, Gayle Weinstein was present to hand out the awards to ADAP Board members Karen Sitney, Daniel Goldberg & Ross […]

Great Prom Information from TimeToTalk.Org

This information is from http://www.timetotalk.org Here’s What You Can Do to Help Keep Prom Goers and New Graduates Safe: Know Your Teens’ Plans and tell them to update you if the itinerary changes so you’re aware of their whereabouts. Check In With Them Via Text  they are more likely to reply, since it’s discreet. You […]

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